What We Do

We can design, build and install:

  • Drive train
    • Engine
      • Swaps
      • Engine mounts
    • Transmission
      • Swaps
      • Modifications
    • Transfer Case
      • Low gears
      • Flip kits
      • Doublers
      • Twin stick
      • Swaps
    • Axle modifications
      • Cut and roll
      • Narrowing
      • Ring and pinions
      • Locking differentials
      • Limited slip differentials
      • Knuckle modifications and changes
      • Trusses and gussets
      • Disc brake conversions
      • Chromoly shafts
      • Long fields
  • Suspension
    • Spring over lifts
    • 4-link’s
    • Coils
    • Air bags
    • Hydraulic bump stops
    • Shackle reversal
    • Long arm
    • Custom designs
  • IFS-to-solid axle conversions (SAS)
  • 2x to 4x conversions
  • Steering
    • high steer
    • full hydraulic
    • hydraulic assist
  • Protection
    • Roll cages
    • Bumpers – plate, tube
    • Rocker guards
    • Body armor
    • Skid plates
  • Miscellaneous
    • Winches
    • Winch mounts
    • Hi-Lift Jacks, custom mounts
    • Frame repair and modification

Bring us your ideas and we’ll build it beyond your expectations!

Front drive-shaft angle problems?

We can cut and roll your axle to cure your steering and drive-line angle problems.
RTI ramp – we have a 30 degree ramp for extreme travel vehicles.
RTI = (Distance traveled up ramp) / Wheelbase X 1000

Sandblasting and Powder Coating available on most parts.

Do you like your bumpers but they look like dung? We can sandblast and powder-coat them. They will not only look like new but they will stay looking that way. If you don’t know anything about powder coating, it is FAR superior to paint. Don’t let anyone coat your parts without sandblasting first. The abuse our rigs take requires a maximum adhesion that can only be achieved by sandblasting the parts first.

Want Larger Tires? Will you need to change gears?

How to determine effective gear ratio:

Effective Gear Ratio = (Old Tire Diameter ÷ New Tire Diameter) x GEAR RATIO

Example: What would be your new effective gear ratio with a tire size change from 31″ to 33″ with 4.10 gears?

(31 ÷ 33) = 0.939
0.939 x 4.10= 3.852
New effective gear ratio = 3.852

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