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Toyota Front Axle Truss

The Defelice Offroad Innovations front axle truss is built for 1979 thru 1985 Toyota truck and 4-Runner front axles. This axle truss is not only designed to strengthen but to also protect the front axle and differential from damage. The axle truss also reinforces the steering stops that are usually bent if your vehicle has seen much off-road use. Built from 3/16-inch thick plate steel and DOM tubing this truss provides superior front axle performance to keep you on the trail. The materials are laser cut for quality and to make sure each part fits perfectly.

The axle truss can be fully installed without removing the axle from the vehicle although we recommend having the axle out of the vehicle for ease of installation.

You must have relocated steering brackets and hardware (i.e. high steer) to be able to install this axle truss.

Truss is available with or without u-bolt cutouts.

$140 plus shipping and handling. Installation available. Contact to purchase.

Installation Insructions


Toyota Front Axel Truss Installation Instructions

Important – You must have high steer components to install this truss.

Sway-bar brackets and steering damper must be removed.

  1. For those who are use Hanes or Chilton’s manuals – Disconnect negative battery terminal.
    Note: DOI recommends removing the front axle from the vehicle but it is not mandatory for installation.
  2. Remove steering damper and sway-bar tabs from axle. Make sure to grind flush.
  3. Set DOI axle truss on axle and make a mark around the perimeter. Remove truss after mark is made.
  4. Grind factory diff cover welds flush to allow proper fit of axle truss. Truss must fit flush against axle tube and differential cover. Remove all paint and or rust here truss will be welded.
    Note: You may need to grind the top and bottom steering stop welds to get the truss to obtain proper fit.
  5. Check the fit of the truss on the axle. A maximum of 1/16th inch should be between the axle truss and axle. Grinding to fit may be necessary.
  6. Put a (non-impact) socket on differential fill plug and slide axle truss fill plug tube over socket. Tack weld fill plug tube in place.
  7. Use DOI axle truss as template to install u-bolt covers in proper location. Tack weld u-bolt covers only. Do not tack axle truss! Truss must be removed to fully weld u-bolt covers.
  8. Weld differential fill plug and u-bolt covers fully. This will insure that the axle truss will not fill with water or mud.
  9. Set axle truss on axle and clamp in proper location. C-clamps are recommended for a tight fit and minimal weld gap.
  10. Tack weld axle truss to axle in a minimum of eight equally spaced locations on the top and bottom of the axle truss (16 total).
  11. Weld axle truss with the steps that follow:
    IMPORTANT – Welding sequence must be followed properly to avoid possible warping of the axle housing.
    A. Weld steering stops, top and bottom.
    B. Weld highest point of differential cover, top and bottom.
    C. Weld outer section of truss between steering stop and outer u-bolt hole.
    DD. Weld from differential cover to drivers side 2 inches top and bottom.
    E. Weld full contour of differential cover top and bottom.
    F. Starting at steering stops, make two inch welds alternating form left to right and top to bottom. Do not weld more than two inches at a time to prevent heat  distortion.
    G. Let axle cool to ambient temperature. We recommend drinking your beverage of choice at this point.
    H. Weld u-bolt holes, fill plug and any remaining areas not welded. Make sure axle truss is fully welded top and bottom.
  12. Put differential cover on axle and tack weld.
  13. Fully weld differential cover.
  14. Reconnect negative battery terminal.
  15. Grind and paint as necessary.
  16. Flog as often as work and significant other permits. ENJOY!!!

Contact DOI with questions, if necessary.